I am a brand-strategist with applied business education background

My mission is to show that "another way of doing something" is always possible.

Business, project, service provision, or brand building can be conscious and with love, warmth, and care about the customer. Profits are not enough. But one should act not only with enthusiasm, where there is no even smell of money.
Balance is the core of any business.
Balance is crucial. When price is in alignment with values, the business model is real, and there is no under or over estimation of time needed to get the money in place.
And no, it is not because consciousness is in trend, but because I see the need of the customers. He or she is fed up with being a bag of money in the eyes of the seller, that his or her feedback is not heard, that the seller is always thinking of one-time purchases and not of continuous relationships, and that service is like a word from a Harry Potter movie: nobody is allowed to pronounce it.
Branding helps to attain depth and make marketing value-based and ethical.
Branding is an instrument with which one can achieve depth in the concept and marketing becomes value-based, not only about rational values.

Thanks to branding, the community is built by itself around the brand and loyalty and trust are at its high values. And every touchpoint with the brand becomes not a nightmare.

My approach

My approach is to ask simple questions and dive deeper into the answers.

"What do I do?", "For whom do I do that?", "What do people need it for?" and "For what do I do that?" or "What is the point?" - these questions only seem easy to answer. The real reasons lie far below the first thought. But from the real answers we can form a positioning statement, philosophy of a brand and a mission statement, that will change the world.

My values are ethics, value-based approaches only and honesty

I am sure if you agree with me, we will create a deep brand that changes the world for the better.
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